Click to enlargeSunJack Compact Solar
Power Supply Rated
at 380 watts
Solar Power Supply Kit

The SunJack is a complete power plant on wheels. Ready to go on location with you the SunJack is a portable power supply. Run your electronics up to 380 watts with this complete power plant with no moving parts (other than the wheels).

Power's small power tools, blenders, egg-beaters, radios, TVs, VCRS, CD players, LED lights, and of course, your Cell phones, tablets and laptops.

The SunJack is sold in Kit form. Easy to assemble without soldering.

The SunJack is ideal as an emergency power supply when the lights go out due to natural or man-made emergencies. The SunJack sports a Universal 12 VDC plug that allows you to plug in any 12 VDC ready electronics. If you need AC power then plug in an optional 12 VDC inverter to provide 120 VAC 60 Hz AC output.

The SunJack is fused with a 30 amp fuse to protect your battery and uses a top quality charge controller to protect your sealed maintenance free battery from over charging. Rated for over 1,500 cycles the included 35 Amp-hour battery provides real power. The SunJack is not a trickle charger this is a power supply intended to do real work.

The SunJack is rugged and durable and can be taken with you on location to provide power for your electronics.

Weight: 42.4 lb., Height: 42.5 inches, Width: 17 inches, and depth: 14 inches.

Ideal for emergency power, portable power for your electrical loads on site. Ideal for emergency and first responders to provide power onsite for communications.

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SunJack complete solar power supply portable and rugged model 3035 Kit SJ3035MRetail Price: $799.00Sale Price: $699.00