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Portable Power

Folding Solar PV Panel rated at 25 Watts for portable solar energy in the field. Use this attractive, light weight and folding solar module to charge batteries at your remote site including the tropics and high altitude. The folding solar module allows you to deploy the solar panel on your backpack, or travel pack, and with such light weight offers great advantages when you don't want to tote heavy gear.

This folding solar pv panel can charge Laptops, consumer electronics, GPS, cell phones, PDA, tablets so many consumer electronic products when you're camping. Global Solar Inc., offers the SUNLINQtm Portable Solar pv Panel rated 25 Watts for 12 VDC battery charging needs.

Product Features:

Extremely portable, and light weight weighing only 1.8 lbs.

Uses Flexible solar cells for flexibility in deployment and survivability

Offers a wide power range in the field

Uses very tough rip-stop nylon or Urethane backing for durability

Made with strong grommets for mounting or securing your solar panels

Output voltage: 12V VDC

This folding solar pv panel is both weatherproof, and UV resistant keeping your solar pv panels working over time.

Includes and uses built-in current diode protection electronics

This folding solar module uses SAE 2-prong water-resistant trailer plug connections for safety and long life.

Great voltage response to power your battery or DC loads under cloudy and overcast skies. Excellent performance in undersun conditions.

The Global Solar pv folding solar panel model Sunlinq 25 Watt is ideal for hiking, camping, boating, outdoor sporting events, from the tropics to the mountains.

Using proprietary and advanced solid state thin-film Power technology the FLEXTM solar cells, the SUNLINQ 25 Watt provides solar energy for outdoor excursions that require lightweight, durable portable solar power.

Ship weight: 5 lb.

Sunlinq Solar PV Panel Folding Solar PV Module 25 Watts sufosomo25waRetail Price: $429.00Sale Price: $399.00