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SunnyBoy 1800 U

Solar Grid Tie Sunny Boy inverter for Net metering:

Grid tie inverters allow you to connect your solar PV panels to the grid for net metering using the Sunny Boy line of grid tie inverters. The Sunny Boy 1800U rated at 1,800 watts AC is used for Home Power Net-Metering, and for small commercial net metering systems. Used in all 50 states and worldwide the Sunny Boy inverters represent quality in the field.

Solar PV panel net metering systems require good solar access and good grounding. Use safe interconnection methods to quickly "snap" connect using the SMA interconnection hardware. Solar power plants are used in Home Power and light commercial applications.

Sunny Boy solar grid tie inverters such as the Sunny Boy 1800E are designed for capturing and processing the energy from 6 to 24 solar PV modules. Sunny Boy 1800U Grid-Tie inverters are optimized for solar PV plants with a maximum DC power rating of 2200 Watts, and has an input voltage range of up to 400 V DC for your Solar DC bus.

Export solar energy to the electrical grid up to 1,800 Watts of AC electricity using these robust, well built and efficient grid tie inverters.

You can use the "Sunny Beam Wireless System Monitor" and remotely monitor your solar power plants performance through the days and seasons. Using the "Sunny Beam" system allows you to use tracking software and monitor all of your systems performance from instantaneous power.

Shipping weight: 57 lb.

Solar Grid-Tie Inverter Grid Tie Sunny Boy SWR 1800U Inverter 030-3105Retail Price: $2,399.00Sale Price: $2,359.00