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SunnyBox 2500U
Home Power System

Rated at 2,500 watts AC this Solar Grid Tie inverter is ideal for your Home Power or small commercial Net metering system. Sunny Boy 2,500 Watt Solar Grid Tie Inverter for your Solar PV Panel Power Systems and Net Metering applications.

Sunny Boy grid-tie inverters allow you to connect your solar PV array directly to the grid converting the solar PV DC current into Grid accepted connected AC current. The Sunny Boy grid tie inverters are designed to give a pure sinewave output and work with the Power Factor using special electronics to push your solar energy back onto the utility-grid.

The price-effective Sunny Boy grid tie inverter is well built and designed to last in the field. Configure your solar PV panels and solar modules into strings that combine and feed into the Sunny Boy 2500 Net-metering grid tie inverter. The Sunny Boy 2500 Grid Tie inverter offers superior performance and power factor management, the Sunny Boy line of grid tie inverters offers a great value and performance for your solar power plant.

A well tested and proven switching topology, stainless steel enclosure for outdoor usage and simplified installation are further aspects that have to be taken into account when talking about the Sunny Boy 2500. As the Sunny Boy 2500 is designed for PV solar pv panels with up to 3450 Watts peak it is one of the "heavy duty" inverters of the Sunny Boy Line.

Sunny Boy 2500 inverters are compatible with the diagnosis and data acquisition systems used with the Sunny Boy line helpful for large scale PV net metering systems. The Sunny Boy 2500 is a workhorse for solar power plants. Being modular as a grid tie inverter, you can combine multiple units for higher outputs, check out the Sunny Tower for this integration.

The SunnyBoy 2500 made in Germany is a top of the line heavy lifting solar grid tie inverter. NEC compliant and meets utility standards for line performance, this is a great inverter.

Shipping weight: 87 lb.

Solar Grid-Tie Inverter Sunny Boy SWR 2500U 208 Volt 030-3102Retail Price: $2,795.00Sale Price: $2,395.00