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Freezer Only

When you need high performance with lots of freezing capacity then think SunFrost. The Sun Frost F19: is the largest freezer-only unit we stock. The SunFrost Freezer offers 19 cubic feet of freezer internal volume. The SunFrost has two equal-sized compartments incorporating two independently controlled cooling systems for high performance. One compartment may be turned off to conserve energy when its storage space is not required. It uses the same fans as the RF19 to cool its cooling coils for superior performance.

The Sun Frost Freezers are some of the most energy-efficient upright Freezers available today. They keep food fresher longer by maintaining high humidity inside the freezer, which prevents freezer burn and wilting caused by water dehydration in food inside. Defrosting is needed usually once or twice each year for ease of use.

Defrosting your SunFrost F19 is seldom required as frost build up is extremely slow because water vapor in the refrigerator section from moist room air or food is not transferred into ice effecting your food.

The Sun Frost Freezer F19 comes finished on the outside with white laminate for an attractive and easy to clean surface. The spacious well lit interior space is made from study fiberglass reinforced plastic and also easy to clean. There are no exposed ducts, tubing and hard to reach corners, and all shelves are adjustable for added utility

Energy used for 12 volt DC or 24 volt DC operation is low using energy efficiently. When ordering please specify whether you want the doors to hinge on the right or left.

Outside Dimensions: H 66" x W 34.5" x D 27.5"

Ship Weight: 320 lbs

Long life time operation, the only moving part is a hermetically sealed compressor. the brush-less motor used in the DC models eliminates periodic servicing.

This model is 19 cubic feet FREEZER only.

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