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Solar Water Pumping

SunRise Submersible Solar Pumps for depths up to 600 feet.

SunRise's sealed piston pumps delivers proven reliability with rigorous testing in some of the world's toughest environments since 1993.

With only a small amount of solar PV panels this pump can be used to pump from very deep wells. Using only 300 watts of SolarPV power, the highly efficient SunRise will lift water from wells as deep as 600 feet and continue to do so for many years under normal operation.

Submersible Features:

Fully Submersible this great pump can be powered by 300 watts of PV panels. Mount your solar pv panels on ground mount, side of pole, or top of pole mounting for more solar power and energy to drive your pump.

Highly Efficient Pump Design, Low Installed Cost, Stainless Steel Construction, and with solar PV panels for your solar water pumping system this solar pv power system requires No Fuel.

SunRise Submersible Solar Pumps Deliver up to 3,000 GPD (10 cu.m.) with lifts up to 600 feet (200m) powered by Photovoltaic (PV) modules that last for decades. Great solar water pump for your deeper wells.

Use solar PV tracking to increase the energy produced by your solar pv panels to produce more water pumping at early and late hours when the solar peak is at lower levels. Use REC high efficiency solar PV panels.

Solar Water Pump Sunrise Model 5320 Solar Submersible Well Pump SR5320Retail Price: $2,197.00Sale Price: $1,989.00