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500 KW Grid Tie

Commercial solar pv grid tie system. Solar grid tie inverter rated at 500,000 watts AC. Solar net metering inverter and system for large Solar PV. Sunny Central 500U-500 Kw Grid Tie Inverter

Sunny Central Model: SC500U

Maximum AC Power Output: 500 KW AC (500,000 watts AC)

AC Voltage Output: 480 VAC Three phase

Maximum Solar PV Array Voltage: 600 VDC

CEC Efficiency Rating: 97.0%

Solar PV commercial grade inverter Sunny Central 250U and 500U. Solar grid tie inverters include integrated isolation transformers and deliver 97% CEC-rated efficiency. The Sunny Central 500HE-US couples to an external medium voltage transformer to accommodate long distance power feeds to distribution substations.

Solar grid tie inverter has user interface features a large LCD screen that provides a graphical view of daily plant production and the status of the PV array, inverter, and utility grid. With SMA's OptiCool temperature management system, the units can be operated in ambient temperatures of up to 50C (122F).

Solar PV grid tie Sunny Central product line also offers a variety of remote monitoring options. Users can choose from RS-485, Ethernet, or wireless communications via Bluetooth or GSM with the optional WebBox.

Use Solar PV panels wired in series for high voltage. REC Solar 250 watt 24 VDC solar PV panels. Wire in series for higher voltages needed for high quality grid tie inverters.

Solar PV array Daily performance data can be automatically uploaded to the free Sunny Portal website ( Optional Sunny Central String-Monitor-US smart combiners enable string level monitoring. The accuracy of performance data can be increased by using the optional Sunny SensorBox, which provides monitoring of local solar intensities, temperatures, and wind speed.

All Sunny Central inverters are UL Listed to UL 1741 for the U.S. and Canada / IEEE-1547 compliant.

Dimensions (Inches): 80 x 140 x 37

Weight: 7,165 lbs.

Sunny Central 500 KW Grid Tie Inverter 480 VAC Solar PV 600 VDC 030-03046Retail Price: $145,795.00Sale Price: $139,755.00