Rated at 10 Amps for 12 VDC
Solar Charge Controller for
12 VDC Battery Charging

Charge controller for 12 VDC up to 10 Amps. SunSaver 10 is designed for smaller Solar PV panel battery charging systems. You can use this SunSaver Battery and Lighting System Charge Controller with your 12 VDC Solar PV Panel and Solar Module battery charging systems. Protect your batteries from over charging and over discharging keeping them in the optimum range to power your sensitive 12VDC Solar lighting projects.

Sunsaver's battery charging closely copies the ProStar advanced charging algorithm and offers may of the advantages of the ProStar for smaller 12V, 1 - 3 module systems, at reduced costs. A 6 amp and 10 amp control is available, with a 10 amp low battery load disconnect (LVD models).

System Voltage Rating: 12 VDC

System Amp Rating: 10 Amps

Protect your 12 VDC battery bank up to 10 Amps.

The Sunsaver 10 charge controller is designed for 12 volt systems. The maximum current that it can control is 10 amps. Check your solar pv panels that you're using in your system, and be sure that you don't exceed 10 amps for your charge controller to control when regulating the charging of your battery bank. The SunSaver 10 charge controller is well made smaller charge controller perfect for your smaller solar PV panel or solar module charging needs.

Shipping weight: 3 lb.

Solar PV Panel Solar Module Charge Controller SunSaver 10 Charge Controller Up to 10 Amps 020-1230Retail Price: $149.00Sale Price: $129.00