Rated up to 6 Amps at 12 VDC

Sunsaver 6 charge controllers are a great choice for your 12 VDC solar pv panel charging systems up to 6 Amps. Protect your batteries when you're using Solar PV Panels and Solar modules for battery charging. The Sunsaver 6 protects your 12 VDC systems up to 6 Amps, from over-charging and over discharging. Each condition can cause battery failure.

Solar PV Panel Battery charging in 12 Volt systems requires special voltage regulation and lighting loads are particularly sensitive to input voltages. Use the SunSaver 6 Lighting and Charge Controller for your 12 VDC lighting loads. The SunSaver 6 is light weight and durable in the field.

Protect your battery banks. 12 VDC up to 6 amps.

Sunsaver's battery charging design closely copies the ProStar's advanced charging algorithm and offers may of the advantages of the ProStar solar line of charge controllers for smaller 12V, 1 - 3 module systems, at reduced costs. A 6 amp and 10 amp control is available, with a 10 amp low battery load disconnect (LVD models).

The Sunsaver 6 charge controller is designed for 12 volt systems using solar PV panels as the power source. Charge controllers are defined by their operating voltage, and their operating rated current. For example, the Sunsaver 6 is rated at 6 Amps.

Robust and durable, the Sunsaver 6 is an excellent choice for smaller 12 VDC solar powered systems.

Ship weight: 2 lb.

Solar PV Panel Solar Module Charge Controller SunSaver 6 Charge Controller up to 6 Amps 020-1245Retail Price: $139.00Sale Price: $99.00