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SunRise Submersible Solar Pumps uses highly efficiency solar electric pumping technology. SunRise's sealed-piston pumps deliver outstanding performance and reliability as proven by a long track record in the field. Used with solar PV power, or wind generators. SunRise submersible pumps are a work horse and delivers large water volumes per unit solar energy input - great field performance..

Use four (150 watt solar panels) solar PV modules to drive this high efficiency submersible pump. Use 300 watts of Solar PV power to energize the SunRise to lift water from wells as deep as 600 feet (200 meters).

Sunrise Submersible Pump Features:

Fully Submersible 4" well pump, Uses Only 4 PV Modules (up to 300 watts total solar array peak power rating).

Highly efficient Pump Design, the Stainless Steel Construction is durable in the harsh environments of deep water wells.

SunRise Installation:

SunRise fits into any water well with a casing of at least 4" (100mm) in diameter. The SunRise high efficiency submersible pump can be installed similarly to a conventional AC-submersible pump. The Sunrise Submersible pump uses 3/4"flexible drop pipe which you can source locally. Installation manual included.

Power Options:

SunRise solar submersible pumps usually fill a storage tank directly, without the use of batteries. Solar PV power input to the controller can also be powered by a battery system. An AC generator can also be used as a back-up, using a converter optional with the controller.

SunRise submersible solar pumps will pump the full amount of its lift at solar peak hours.

The SunRise sealed-piston submersible pumping mechanism uses three moving parts for reliability. Field-maintenance intervals of five to ten years are typical in the field.

Ideal solar PV submersible pump for your deep well pumping livestock watering, or agricultural irrigation systems.

Solar Water Pump Solar Well Pump Sunrise Solar Pump SR5218Model: