Click to enlargeSunJack - Complete Portable
Solar Power Supply
Model: 3035

The SunJack is a portable power supply you take with you on location. Power your campsite, or base-camp, or your family picnic at the beach. Great for emergency power when the lights go off.

The SunJack Model: 3035 is equipped with a high-efficiency 30 watt solar PV panel that delivers 2.5 amps of charging power to your onboard maintenance-free battery rated at 35 Amp-hours. Use your SunJack to power your electronics, small power tools, kitchen appliances or anything up to 380 watts.

The SunJack portable solar power supply is sold in Kit form. Everything is included and is easy to assemble without soldering.

The SunJack has a Universal 12 VDC plug that allows you to plug in any 12 VDC ready device. The 12 VDC plug has a 30 Amp fuse to protect your battery, and provide up to 30 amps of draw for large start-up loads.

Need AC? Just plug in an optional 12 VDC Inverter to produce 120 VAC at 60 Hz. The SunJack is not a trickle charger, it's a serious power supply, and best of all, designed to be taken anywhere.

The SunJack is rugged, and intended for all terrains. The non-puncture tires and great balance allow you to easily move the SunJack so you can take it camping, or to the mountains, or beaches. Designed for isolate the electronics from vibration, moisture, and temperature extremes the SunJack is produced to provide power at remote sites reliably and powerfully.

The Trucking industry has many 12 VDC appliances, from microwaves to blenders. Any electrical device up to 380 watts can be powered.

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Height: 42.5 inches

Width: 17 inches

Depth: 14 inches

Weight: 42.4 lb.

SunJack Portable Compact Solar Power Supply - Solar Power Kit SJ3035Retail Price: $799.00Sale Price: $699.00