Click to enlargeDeep Cycle Industrial
Battery rated at 546 Ah
6 Volts DC

Deep cycle off grid battery for large battery banks. Rated at 546 Ah. Battery voltage 6 VDC. Combine these deep cycle off grid batteries for higher voltages. Combine batteries for 12/24/48 VDC battery banks.

Surrette Deep Cycle Industrial Flooded Batteries, for large battery applications.

Off grid deep cycle solar and wind batteries feature dual containers. Connect deep cycle batteries from Surrette. (S-460 and S-530 are not dual container).

Off grid deep cycle KS33 is a high capacity battery with heavy duty plate grid to resist positive plate breakdown.

Large capacity plates are double insulated with glass mat, and a polyethylene envelop, eliminating the possibility of separator misalignment, or cracking.

Deep cycle off grid battery is rated at 3,200 cycles at 50% depth of discharge. Each 2 Volt cell is built into its own lightweight container made of durable polypropylene with the cover heat bonded to the container, thus acid leakage is eliminated.

Capacity: 546 Ah at 20 hour rate.

Weight: 221 lbs.

Dimensions: 22" x 8.25" x 18.25"

Surrette 6CS17PS Deep Cycle Industrial Battery 546 Ah at 6 VDC 040-2232Retail Price: $1,295.00Sale Price: $1,195.00