Click to enlargeRolls/Surrette S-460 Deep Cycle
350 Amp-hour Battery
Solar and Wind
Battery Banks

Environmentally Durable - No Acid Leakage with Dual Container Construction.

Ideal for remote home power systems. Rolls deep cycle batteries wire in series for 12/24/48 VDC Battery charging. Use REC Solar PV panels 250 watts 24 VDC for solar charging.

Surrette 350 Ah Deep cycle battery. Battery Cell voltage 6 VDC. Wire in series for higher battery voltages. In series connection the batter voltages add.

Surrette offers"Non-Breakable Dual-Container Construction," for excellent field performance. Constructed with dual non-breakable containers, the Surrette design eliminates breakage due to rough handling and abuse in the field.

With this construction flexibility, in the field repairs are simpler and less time consuming when it counts.

If you discover that cell replacement is necessary, Surrette designed make it clean and quick in the field. As an option, each of the cells are bolted together allowing the battery to be repaired or assembled onsite. Cell replacements can be accomplished without special skills, just follow the directions.

Positive Lead protection:

Surrette Deep cycle battery positive leads are double insulated. The first layer consists of thick woven glass matting. The plate and mats are sealed in a non-destructible micro-porous polyethylene envelope in construction. This dual container eliminates the possibility of separator mis-alignment, cracked separators, treeing, or electrical shorting at the bottom or sides of the battery. As an option the sediment chamber can be eliminated in the assembly, allowing more liquid space above the top of the cell, thus lengthening periods between watering, a great feature if you need to leave your systems unattended for long periods.

Durable Plate Construction

Rezistox plate designs use fewer but heavier members in the grid (current carrying conductor) architecture. The heavy members give more resistance to positive grid peroxidization (corrosion) and allow for a greater percentage of active power producing active material.

Improved plate engineering increases plate surface area by 31 percent when high-discharge rates are needed.

Model:Surrette- S-460

Description: 6V/350 Ah @ 20 Hr. Rate

Dimensions: 12.28" x 7.12" x 16.75"

Ship Weight: 117 Wet/90 dry

Surrette Deep Cycle S-460 Batteries 6 Volts at 350 Ah 040-02106ERetail Price: $599.00Sale Price: $579.00