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PV Panel

Solar PV Panel solar module rated at 240 Watts 24 VDC. When you need larger solar PV arrays such as driving a Sunnyboy net metering inverter lower the amount of interconnections you need to make using this large high efficiency solar panel.

Suntech Solar PV modules are tough in the field. High QAQC manufacturing enables Suntech to produce field tested solar pv modules that are crank out solar power.

Suntech uses advanced interconnection for long life in the field and is certified for use in State rebate and net metering programs offered all over the country. Check with your utility as to their Net metering program. Sell electricity back to the grid.

Suntech manufactures the 240 watt solar panel with mono-crystalline cells producing high efficiencies out in the field. An excellent choice for building solar PV arrays for Off-Grid, or Grid-Tie solar PV array applications. Perfect for your Home power system.

The new 60-cell Wde HiPerforma™ solar module is built for residential customers who want good looking panels and high performance in their solar PV module performance. Powered by high-efficiency Pluto™ solar cell technology, this module comes with an all-black frame and a white backsheet which helps keep the cells running cooler for greater performance in desert and tropical climates.

Dimensions: 65.6" x 39" x 2"

Weight: 44 lb.

Suntech Solar PV Panel Solar Module 240 Watt PV Panel Solar Module SUNTECH-240Retail Price: $569.00Sale Price: $539.00