Click to enlargeSuniva 255 Watt
Solar PV Panel
24 VDC

Solar PV Panel Solar Module rated at 235 Watts at 24 VDC.

Large Solar PV panels are designed for large solar arrays with high voltage and current busbars. High-efficiency Solar PV cells are current-matched for high outputs in high and low light conditions. Solar water pumping systems need strong voltage outputs. Solar grid tie net metering solar PV systems need strong voltage outputs in cloudy weather.

Suniva's Solar 255 watt pv panel is ideal for shallow water surface pumps with strong outputs.

The Suniva 255 watt solar pv panel is excellent for battery charging home power systems. Designed for larger arrays, such as solar water pumping of grid connected net metering systems, these attractive and powerful solar modules are a great choice for your large solar project.

Interconnect these 24 VDC solar modules to produce solar power strings up to 600 VDC for connection to grid tie SunnyBoy inverters for net metering.

These Suniva Optimus solar pv modules make use of Suniva's latest high efficiency solar cell technology: the ARTisun Select type, providing high power outputs per unit area. Suniva solar pv panels use advanced monocrystalline solar cells and designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. This is an excellent industrial module and designed for large solar arrays.

Mount with Ground Mount Kits, Top of Pole mounting and Solar tracking options to maximize your outputs.

This solar pv module uses advanced polymer backsheets, electrical testing, visual inspections, and are produced in ISO 9001: 2008 certified facilities.

Warranty is 10 years on craftsmanship and 25 year solar performance warranty delivering 80% of rated power at STC.

Suniva is a U.S.-based company spun out from the Georgia Tech University Center of Excellence in Photovoltaics.

Solar PV Module Dimensions: (inches/mm) 65.08 x 38.66 x 1.81 (1653 x 982 x 46)

Weight: 47 lb.

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