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Solar Aerator and Oxygenator

The SunBreather is an independent floating self-powering Solar Aerator. The SunBreather uses a high-efficiency solar PV panel to drive a high-efficiency Submersible Pump rated up to 500 Gallons per Hour.

The SunBreather pumps water from depth which has a lower value of dissolved Oxygen and sprays the water into thousands of water droplets. These droplets produce a large surface area of water and exposes much more water to the Oxygen in the air.

The Water after being pumped by the SunBreather falls back to the surface of the pond, river or other water body you're treating, and this agitates the surface of the water. This agitation also creates a lot of surface area on the surface of the Pond, Lake, River or Reservoir also assisting the diffusion of Oxygen into the water.

Ponds, Lakes, Streams and Rivers which are experiencing higher than normal temperatures have trouble keeping Oxygen dissolved in the water column. The SunBreather is a treatment for Ponds, and Lakes which are becoming eutrophic due to nutrients and run off pollution which concentrates in the water.

Low water levels due to Climate Change also exacerbate the water quality leading to anoxic conditions where Oxygen is evaporated and all fish, Zooplankton, aquatic plants, and other organisms experience a drop in dissolved Oxygen producing stress and mortality.

Use this high efficiency technology to Aerate your Pond, Lake, River or Stream.

Weight: 14 lbs

Ships as a kit assembly required.

SunBreather Solar Pump and Aerator SB512Retail Price: $399.00Sale Price: $349.00