Click to enlargeSuniva Solar PV Module
Rated at 260 Watts
24 VDC Grid-Tie

Solar PV Panel Solar Module rated at 260 Watts at 24 VDC.

Grid tie solar PV panels require high voltage tolerance. 260 Watt solar PV panels at 24 volts can be wired in series up to 600 VDC. Combine Solar PV module strings with a combiner box for higher solar power outputs. SunnyBoy grid tie inverters love Suniva's 260 watt panel. Combine for grid tie using SunnyTower for solar PV outputs up to 42 Kw.

Sell solar energy back to the grid against your bill using solar net metering. Large arrays from 2 Kw through 200 Kw and larger.

Suniva solar's Optimus pv modules use Suniva's latest technology: the ARTisun Select high efficiency solar technology, producing some of the highest solar power outputs per m2. Top of the line monocrystalline solar pv cells are designed and built in the USA. This is an excellent industrial module for large solar arrays. This is a workhorse PV module for grid tie or stand alone PV panel arrays. Use for large solar water pumping, home power grid tie net metering, commercial arrays, and large home power systems.

Great for large solar water pumping systems. Each solar pv cell is current matched for great power production in full sun. Also, each solar pv cell is voltage matched for superior performance in lower light conditions, excellent for battery charging and solar water pumping.

Suniva solar pv modules use advanced polymer backsheets, electrical tests and visual inspections. Solar pv panels are produced in an ISO 9001: 2008 certified facility.

Warranty: a 25 year linear performance warranty delivering 80% power at STC.

Suniva is a U.S.-based company spun out from the Georgia Tech University Center of Excellence in Photovoltaics.

Solar Module Dimensions: (inches/mm) 65.08 x 38.66 x 1.81 (1653 x 982 x 46)

Suniva Solar PV Panel 260 Solar Module Solar photovoltaics 24 VDC 011-09208Retail Price: $529.00Sale Price: $479.00