Click to enlargeSuntech Solar 190 Watt
PV Panel

SunTech solar PV panel rated at 190 Watts at 24 VDC.

Suntech Solar PV modules are tough in the field. Use for Solar battery charging systems for off grid applications. Use for your home power system by interconnecting these 24 VDC panels to produce larger solar PV power arrays to power high capacity deep cycle batteries, or grid tie inverters for net metering.

Large solar PV arrays using this 190 watt pv module can tolerate a system voltage up to 480 watts per string. Group together for your home power net metering system and array with ground, pole, roof, or solar pv trackers to increase power and energy output.

Suntech manufactures the 190 watt solar panel with mono-crystalline cells producing high conversion efficiencies in the field.

Solar PV panels at 190 watts and 24 VDC gives strong performance for solar well water pumping.

Solar PV panels are excellent for your solar water pumping system. High voltage output drives your solar pump more efficiently while not providing an over voltage condition in strong sun. This 190 watt solar panel is tough in the field and proven.

Dimensions: 62.2" x 31.8" x 1.4"

Weight: 31 lb.

Suntech Solar PV Panel Solar Module 190 Watts SUNTECH-190Retail Price: $545.00Sale Price: $529.00