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American Water Heaters GT-100 series FORMALLY TK-JR.

Tankless Water Heater Model: GT-100

The American Water Heater design produces hot water on-demand, eliminating the wasting of fuel to keep a hot water tank continuously hot. Tankless water heaters provide enless hot water when "on", and consume no fuel when "off". This saves you approximately 40% on your hot water bills.

Using a tankless, or on-demand water heater produces great savings on fuel. They are easy to install just as a normal water heater.

The AWH GT-110 Series may be installed in a variety of locations, indoors or out, thanks to a versatile built-in power venting system that allows for vertical venting into a flue, or horizontal venting through a wall.

Will run one appliance (shower, washer, etc) at a time.

-6.6 gallons per minute (GPM)

-Dimensions: (H)20" x (W)14" x (D)6"

-Weight: 30 lbs

-Mounting brackets and pressure relief valve included.

Tankless American Water Heaters GT-110-NI (NG) or GT-110PI (propane) GT-110NIRetail Price: $1,399.00Sale Price: $1,099.00Fuel: 

Tk-Jr ManualDownload the manual for specific questions on installation