Click to enlargeAmerican Water Heaters GT-510 
Series Tankless Water Heaters
10 GPM

Residential and Small Commercial Applications.

Tankless water heaters produce hot water when you want it. Often called an instantaneous water heaters.

The AWH GT-510 Series tankless water heater design produces hot water on-demand, eliminating the wasting of fuel to keep a hot water tank continuously hot. Tankless water heaters provide enless hot water when "on", and consume no fuel when "off". This saves you approximately 40% on your hot water bills.

Tankless water heater produces 10 GPM.

Will run 2-3 appliances (shower, washer, etc.) at the same time.

-10 gallons per minute (GPM)

-Dimensions: (H)24" x (W)16.5" x (D)8"

-Weight: 60 lb.

American Water Heaters GT-510 Series Indoor and outdoor versions 10 GPM GT-510-NGLPRetail Price: $1,842.00Sale Price: $1,760.00Fuel: 

TK-D20 ManualDownload the manual for specific questions on installation

Click to enlargeHorizontal Wall Ventilation TerminatorVent terminator kit for venting a TK-D20 unit horizontally through an exterior wall. The TK-D20 can only be vented horizontally. Recommended for all installations.

TK-TV05Retail Price: $140.00Sale Price: $111.00