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Tankless water heater produces 0.66 GPM. Tankless water heaters are sometimes called instantaneous water heaters. Tankless water heaters produce hot water the moment you want it.

Tankless water heater uses Natural Gas or Propane fuels.

The Infinion Tankless Water Heater is designed for places where electricity isn't available. There are two models, one using a Pilot Light, this model, and the other uses a Spark. Using an on-demand, or tankless water heater can save significantly on fuel use. An average family use can save up to 40% on fuel consumption. This is especially useful when you're using propane from a tank.

The Spark is produced by a D-cell battery. A typical D-cell battery lasts an average of 2 years with this model.

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Power input: BTU MAX 105,000

Flue Size: 5"

Gas Piper Size: 1/2"

Minimum Water Flow: 0.66 GPM

Dimensions: 28.13" x 14.94" x "10.81

Weight: 37 lbs.

FLOW RATE for 60 degree Rise: 2.64 GPM

FLOW RATE for 70 degree Rise: 1.90 GPM

FLOW RATE for 90 degree Rise: 0.66 GPM

5 Year Parts Warranty, 10 Year Heat Exchanger Warranty.

Tankless Water Heater Infinion Pilot Light Natural Gas 0.66 to 2.64 GPM 83-0992Retail Price: $825.00Sale Price: $739.00