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No Tank Saves you
up to 40% on Fuel

Tankless Water Heater GT-310

Tankless water heaters save money and run as long as you need. Popular throughout Asia and Europe these tankless water heaters are well built and long lasting.

Use Natural Gas (NG), or Propane (LP) for fuel choices.

The American Water Heaters GT-310 Series is designed for American residential Hot Water Demands. The GT-310 has flow rate of up to 8 Gallons per Minute of Hot Water. The Tankless GT-310 is designed with many features for Safe, Reliable, Endless Hot Water. Using a tankless or on-demand water heater can significantly save on fuel consumption. Savings up to 40% can be realized with tankless water heaters.

No Pilot Light.

Tankless water heaters have No Storage Tank to clog up with particulates, scale and rust. With no pilot light there is no fuel consumption when you're not using Hot Water.

Wide range of input BTU from 11,000 to 199,000 BTU.

This is a great unit for residential sites.

Tankless Water Heater American Water Heaters GT-310 Series Rated at 8 GPM GT-310Retail Price: $1,468.00Sale Price: $1,360.00Fuel: