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Tigo Model: MU-ESU

Energy Management Unity

The Tigo Energy Maximizer Management Unit (MMU) communicates between the Module Maximizers and the inverter, controls processes in real time and sends data to a remote server in order to allow multiple users to observe and interact with the monitoring system.

The Tigo Energy management software provides many applications to provide greater control over performance, including module-level granularity, alerts and maintenance reports.

Understanding the performance levels of each system component allows for quick and cost-effective maintenance. On-demand maintenance reports help crews directly target problem areas, reducing time in the field and O&M costs.

Crews arrive on site with the correct replacement components and tools to get the job done quickly. Great advantages in the field.

Each Tigo Energy Maximizer system includes one MMU, with the option of a second unit for system redundancy. The MMU mounts near the inverter and has a manual user interface and LCD display housed in a NEMA 3 enclosure for on-site programming. It communicates with each PV module in the system, provides management and control functions for the module Maximizers, and serves as a gateway to the Data Center. The Maximizer Management Unit is pre-configured with CAT-5 Ethernet access and each Management Unit kit includes a complimentary Gateway to extend the range of wireless communication to the Maximizer.

The Tigo Energy PV-Safe feature allows system owners to disconnect the module from the bus at the Maximizer. This feature can be activated with a safety button located on the Management Unit and automatically activated upon tripping the AC main switch. This allows for system installation, maintenance, and emergency work to be done without endangering personnel with high DC voltage.

Additional sensors may be ordered with the Tigo Energy Maximizer System for measuring light intensity, back panel temperature, or revenue-grade metering. The sensor accessories are powered RS-485 devices and are connected through the Gateway.

Solar PV Panel Grid Tie Tigo Energy Management Unit MU-ESW 030-09277Retail Price: $599.00Sale Price: $579.00