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Deep Cycle Battery
225 Ah at 6 Volts DC

Deep cycle T105 battery for solar PV and wind generator home power systems. Combine 6 VDC cells into larger voltages and capacities. Trojan Batteries have been used for remote sites off-grid for over 25 years.

Trojan T105 is designed for small electric vehicles starting with golf cars (hundreds of thousands worldwide) where they are heavily cycled. Under these heavy deep discharge cycles expect two years of service.

Trojan deep cycle batteries have been one of the most popular batteries in off-grid power systems for the past 25 years. The T105 golf cart battery is designed to be used in small electric vehicles where they are cycled heavily and will last about 2 years. In a remote home system where they are cycled by 20% every day, they can have 3 to 6 years of useful life. The L-16 battery is a heavy duty cousin of the golf cart battery with much thicker lead plates and nearly twice the capacity.

Trojan's Renewable Energy (RE) Series (L16RE-2V, L16RE-A, L16RE-B and T105-RE) is a line of technologically advanced deep cycle lead-acid batteries, optimized for renewable energy applications such as solar PV, small wind, and micro hydro. They have heavier duty separators and plates designed for longer life and their warranty has been extended to 2 years free replacement and 60 months additional pro-rated on the L16s and 36 months additional pro-rated on the T-105.

In a remote home system where they are cycled down 20% depth of discharge every day they can last 3-6 years.

Dimensions: 10.375" x 7.125" x 11.25"

Weight: 62 lbs

Rated Amp hours: 225 Ah at 20 Hour rate.

Trojan Deep Cycle Battery T105 rated at 225 Ah at 6 VDC 040-01937Retail Price: $599.00Sale Price: $569.00