Click to enlargeTrojan Deep Cycle
Industrial Battery
130 Ah at 12 VDC

Solar and wind generator home power system battery. Rated at 130 Ah at 12 VDC. Deep cycle battery for your 12/24/48 battery bank. Trojan Batteries have been used for remote sites off-grid for over 25 years. Used in the Marine environment this batteries are tough and provide amps when you need it.

Deep cycle Trojan SCS225 is designed for Marine applications where they are heavily cycled, and in heavily corrosive environments. Under these heavy deep discharge cycles expect long years of service. The SCS225 has a very robust construction and delivers superior deep discharge cycling.

In a remote home system where they are cycled down 20% depth of discharge every day they can last 3-6 years.

Use Air Breeze wind generator 12 VDC to charge this deep cycle battery. Use SolarTech 125 watt PV panels 12 VDC for direct charging. Match the battery voltage and PV panel or wind generator voltage.

Dimensions: 13.25" x 6.75" x 9.75"

Weight: 87 lbs

Rated Amp hours: 130 Ah at 20 Hour rate.

Trojan Deep Cycle Battery SCS225 rated at 130 Ah at 12 VDC 040-01994Retail Price: $389.00Sale Price: $359.00