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for 24 VDC

Solar and Wind off grid inverter rated 3.3 Kw AC. Battery charging voltage 24 VDC. Single phase 120/240 VAC output.

Apollo 3,300 Watt Inverter Charger for 24 VDC Systems.

Apollo 3.3 Kw Inverter/Charger Model: TSW3224

Solar AC Power Rating: 3.3 Kw AC (3,300 watts AC)

Battery Voltage: 24 VDC

No Load Draw: 29 Watts

Charger Amps: 100 Amps

Peak AC Surge: 6,400 Watts

Solar PV and Wind generator battery charging inverter. Use REC solar pv panels 250 watts 24 volts in parallel. Wind generators such as Air X, Air Breeze marine, Air 40 and Air 30 have 24 VDC voltage regulator models.

Solar PV and wind generator off grid Apollo Solar TSW inverter/chargers include a true sine wave inverter, a battery charger, and AC transfer switch in a compact modular housing. These inverters provide field-selectable 120/240VAC split-phase AC power at 60Hz or 230VAC at 50Hz. Multiple TSW inverters can be stacked for increased power output for larger systems, and 3 inverters can be stacked for three-phase power. Apollo's integration hardware can be used to provide a clean, compact, NEC compliant power system.

Solar and Wind generator off grid Apollo inverter/chargers have on-board system monitoring, and when coupled with Apollo's MPPT charge controllers, the system provides PV array control and battery state of charge metering.

Off grid TSW series inverters provide a 120/240 volt AC split-phase input and output. The output provides 240 volts for well pumps, appliances, or shop tools while providing 120 volts for standard circuits. The input can accept the utility line or 240-volt AC generators.

Solar and wind off grid output can be wired for single 230/240VAC output or for single 120VAC output at twice the current. Internal switches allow the option to select 230VAC or 240VAC and 50Hz or 60Hz. In 120/240VAC split-phase configuration, either side of the output line can supply up to 75% of the total load. Over 200% of the rated TSW power is available to allow for surges for short periods, such as starting a 3-HP motor, without interrupting sensitive computer loads.

Off grid TSW inverters can be wired in parallel to provide additional output current for larger systems up to 32kW of power output at 120/240VAC split-phase.

Off grid inverters 24 VDC input has high-current battery-charging circuit is power-factor corrected and optimizes the efficient use of energy from generator or utility line input. The 4-stage charging algorithm Bulk, Absorb, Float, Equalize maximizes both battery life and storage capacity.

Off grid monitoring of energy used, battery state-of-charge, and system performance is included in the Apollo TSW inverters. The two-line LCD shows all major parameters and adjusts to allow horizontal and vertical inverter installation. The TSW's ASNET port allows networking capability between multiple units as well as access to the T80/T80HV MPPT Turbocharger PV controllers. Remote system monitoring on a local Ethernet and/or on the internet is provided via the Apollo Solar Communications Gateway via the Apollo Solar GSM Modem even when telephone land line is unavailable. See Charge Controllers section for more info on the Apollo communications equipment.

Dimensions: 22.5" x 9"x 7.25". The TSW is UL 1741 certified and carries a standard 5-year warranty. CSA C22.2 No.107.1-01 certified.

Weight: 49 lbs.

Apollo TSW 3,300 Watt Off Grid Inverter/Charger for 24 VDC 030-02615Retail Price: $2,795.00Sale Price: $2,595.00