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Ground Mount
3,000 Watt PV Array

Mount your Solar pv panel arrays with strong and adjustable ground mounting kits.

Ground mounting solar PV arrays make sense if you have a site that you control. These solar ground mounts are designed for arrays starting at 3Kw (3,000 watts) and the Unirac systems are field proven and robust lasting decades.

Designed to deliver the most cost effective mounting system with the most responsive, scalable and reliable supply chain, the ISYS Ground Mounts have an industry leading installation rate of more than 10 modules per man-hour. This is valuable for your larger onsite applications.

Use these durable ground mounts for solar water pumping, home power and grid tie net metering projects. Used in commercial and light industrial settings these solar pv panel ground mounts of top of the line.

The extreme strength to weight ratio of components makes the IGM suitable for large scale PV projects.

The IGM Ground Mount Racking is assembled in the field, not built. The components require no fabrication – no field welding, drilling, or cutting. This smart design and pre-fabricated sub-assemblies, make IGM one of the quickest systems to install with the least amount of labor in the field.

These industrial racks are optimized for projects ranging from 500 KW to Megawatts, the IGM structural materials are custom designed for each customer’s module and site conditions. The Unirac recommends ULA for projects under 500kW.

Ease of installation.

These components require no field fabrication. Install with consistant and repeatable installation steps. This ground rack kit allows for pre-fabrication of sub assemblies before delivery to job sites.

These advanced racks accommodate Every Foundation Option, Driven pile, Pre-cast concrete ballast, Screw type earth auger, Traditional excavation Concrete pier Cost Effective Parts & Labor

This is a great pole mounting system for Industrial Solar Arrays.

Unirac Solar Ground Mount Hardware - 3Kw Solar PV array UGMH3KwRetail Price: $2,495.00Sale Price: $2,395.00