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Almost all wind farms are located far away from cities and urban centers. The reason Wind Energy has be relegated to the edges of society is because of the technology based on Propellers.

Propellers present dangers for wildlife such as predatory birds, and bats because the "downward" direction (at 90 degrees to their flight path) are unanticipated and outside their binocular view. The result is danger for the most important of these species.

Small Propellers are designed to spin at the tip faster than the wind velocity, and so produce noise. Large Propeller-type turbines used in remote wind farms produce a very low frequency sound which is often disturbing to cattle and people. This is primarily why we don't see wind turbines near, or in city scape.

The Urban Wind technology is totally visible to wildlife of all kinds. In their field of view, the Urban Wind Helyx technology presents no danger, and being excellent fliers avoid the turbine.

Urban Wind design is specially gapped between the turbines to allow wind to escape the turbine once utilized. As the pair of turbines rotate the internal wind pressures are able to equalize through each rotation eliminating the "whosh" sound other designs produce. The Urban Wind device is silent.

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