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from 40 Watts to 5 Kw

Urban Wind technology is designed for use close to people and animals. Safe for wildlife because the Helyx turbine is in full view and easily avoided. Silent when used because of advanced design of the large area turbines.

Manufacturing and development partners are sought to produce the line of Urban Wind wind turbines for use in the City as well as the Farm. Grid tie and off-grid wind generator. Charge batteries 12/24/48 VDC.

Wind near the ground is turbulent. This requires "propeller" type wind conversion devices to be up high off the ground on poles or towers. The Helyx wind technology with its large surface area captures, and converters, impinging wind even turbulent wind. The kind of wind we find in the real world.

In our modern world, we need electricity for many different types of loads: transportation, HVAC, water pumping, and of course our many electronics. Technology that allows electricity consumers such as Home Owners, and commercial facilities have a tremendous wealth of wind energy over their roofs. invites qualified technology development partners to contact our offices.

The Urban Wind technology is fully scalable. From small distributed wind generators for street lighting, or local power for communications, to large applications the Helyx technology is specifically designed to be durable, long lasting, silent, safe, and effective generating electricity onsite.

US Patent Number: 7,364,406

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