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World Health Organization Tested and Approved.

This SunFrost vaccination refrigerator is one of the most important items we sell. Used worldwide in remote locations and especially for disaster relief, or emergencies the need to keep vaccines cold and available is a high priority.

For the past 12 years Sun Frost refrigerator/freezers have been used in more than 50 countries and have an excellent track record in the field, and provide high efficiency refrigeration where extremely needed such as emergency relief locations.

The Sun Frost refrigerator/freezers are ruggedly constructed and will provide many years of reliable performance and operation - even in harsh climates, a vital feature for practicality and performance.

The Sun Frost RFVB provides a means of storing vaccines and medical supplies without the use of fossil fuels, you can use solar pv panels and solar modules as well as wind generators to charge a battery bank. This vaccination refrigerator can run on 12 VDC or 24 VDC battery banks. The RFVB can freeze 2.2 Kg of ice per day and can reliably do this day in and day out.

The evaporator in the Sun Frost RFVB refrigerator is protected by a fiberglass liner and cannot be punctured while defrosting, a common problem in the field. The Sun Frost high efficiency compressor typically runs only 19% of the time making this unit extremely efficient in operation.

The SunFrost RFVB is the most efficient vaccine refrigerator available.

2-year limited warranty

Internal Volume 4 cubic feet.

Shipping Weight: 160 lbs

Dimensions: H 31.5" x W 34.5" x D 27.5"

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