Click to enlargeVestas V-27
Wind Farm Generators
rated at 225,000 watts

Are you considering building a wind farm?

These refurbished Vestas V-27s are a work horse wind generator. These turbines produce 3 phase power that connects directly to the grid. Industrial wind turbines, the V-27s are carefully inspected and refurbished and include a 2 year warranty.

System Specifications:

Tower Height: 106.5 feet, Hub Height: 110 ft. Material: Hot dip-galvanized steel, painted. Safety: Nacelle reached by inside tower ladder, lockable door.

Generator: rated at 225 Kw at 32.6 mph. RPMs range from 760-1008, output: 480 VAC/3-phase/60 Hz.

Cut-in Wind Speed: 8 mph, Cut-out Wind Speed: 55 mph, Variable pitch, disc brake back up. Survivial Wind Speed: 120 mph.

Rotor: 3 Variable pitch blades, 88.6 feet in diameter, up wind orientation, clockwise rotation, Fiberglass reinforced polyester with a swept area of 6,165 Feet.

Estimated annual production: Average wind speed of 13 mph produces 458,000 Kwh/year. Average wind speed of 15.4 mph proudces 636,000 Kwh/year. Average wind speed of 17.6 mph produces 795,000 Kwh/year.

Reconditioning Process:

All parts inspected and replaced as needed. Gearbox inspected, check endplay, replace seals if needed, and fill with new gear oil. Brake unit: Test magnetic brake unit andd meg. electric motor. Yaw System: Meg yaw motor. Inspect yaw bearing and adjust yaw pinion gear to yaw ring. Generator: Meg large generator. Main Shaft: Inspect mainshaft bearing, seals, and coupler. Replace if needed. Anemometer: Test RPM sensor, anemometer and windvane. Controller: Check and test controller and set paramters. Blades: Inspect baldes, balance and match set.

Shipping quoted FOB Los Angeles, CA or Galveston, TX.

Warranty: Turbines are warranted for a period of two years on drive train and blades. One year on major components, replacement parts available.

Vestas V-27 Wind Generator rated at 225 Kw for Wind Farms V27Retail Price: $295,000.00Sale Price: $198,350.00