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Wind Farm Installations

The Vestas V80 is a workhorse for wind farm projects located in moderate to high wind zones. The V80 is specifically designed to manage the blades to handle these large wind stresses. Vestas has installed over 2,700 of the V80s all around the world. An excellent safety and performance record, the V80 is a first choice for many wind farm installations.

The V80 is rated at 2.0 Megawatts and are suitable for both onshore and offshore applications. The V80 is equiped with automatic control on the variability of blade pitch which is critical for high wind locations. The ability of the wind turbine to respond to prevailing wind direction and speed makes the V80 an ideal choice.


ROTOR: Diameter: 80 meters Swept Area: 5,027 m2 Nominal Revolutions: 16.7 RPM Number of Blades: 3

TOWER: Hub Height: 60m, 67m, 78m, and 100 meter versions

OPERATIONAL DATA: Cut-in Wind Speed: 4 m/s Nominal Wind Speed: 15 m/s Cut-Out Wind Speed: 25 m/s

GENERATOR: Type: Asynchronous Rated Output: 2,000 Kw

GEARBOX: Type: Planet/parallel axles

CONTROL: Type: Computer controlled with microprocessor based monitoring of all functions - capable of remote monitoring and control.

WEIGHT: Nacelle: 67 tons Rotor: 37 tons Tower: 130-200 tons depending on height

The Vestas V80 is an excellent choice for your wind farm if you have moderate or high winds. The blades have been designed to rotate in or out of the prevailing wind to regulate and steady this Large Wind Turbine (LWT) output. If you're looking for high power, reliability, and remote monitoring and control - the Vestas V80 is an excellent choice.

Wind Generator Vestas V80 Large Wind Turbine rated at 2.0 Mw vev80lawitur