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Large Wind Turbine (LWT)

The Vestas V82 is rated at 1.65 Megawatts at rated wind speed. The V82 is designed for low and moderate wind speed wind farm locations, and is optimized for low wind speed response.

There are many updated features to to the V82 including automated hydraulic active stall technology than ensures the rotors gather and harvest the maximum kinetic energy available in the wind. The V82 is equiped with a state of the art grid compatibility controller that senses the grid and levelizes the output of the turbine for smooth power factor integration into the grid. The V82 has been installed over 1,400 times throughout the world and has an excellent performance and safety record.



Diameter: 82 meters

Swept Area: 5,281 m2

Nominal Revolutions: 14.4 RPM

Number of Blades: 3

Power Regulation: Active

Air Brake: Full blade pitch control by three separate hydraulic pitch cylinders.


For 230 VAC/50 Hz model hub height approximately 78 meters

For 110 VAC/60 Hz model hub height approximately 80 meters


Cut-In Wind Speed: 3.5 m/s

Nominal Wind Speed: 13 m/s

Cut-Out Wind Speed (sensed every 10 minutes): 20 m/s


Type: Asynchronous Water Cooled

Rated Output: 1,650 Kw (1.65 Mw)

GEARBOX: Planetary/helical stages

CONTROL: Computer controlled microprocessor-based monitoring of all V82 turbine functions.


Nacelle: 52 tons

Rotor: 43 tons

Tower: 105-125 tons depending on hub height

The V82 is an excellent choice for your wind farm if you have low to moderate winds. These turbines become available on a spot market, please email us for product availability status.

Wind Generator Vestas V82 Large Wind Turbine rated at 1.65 Mw VESTASV82