Click to enlargeVestas V90 Large Wind Turbine
rated at 3.0 Megawatts

The Vestas V90 is the largest currently available wind turbine for large Wind Farm projects. With a long experience is designing larger and larger blades with less weight and more durability, the V90 utilizes the state-of-the-art in Large Wind Turbine (LWT) technology.

The V90 is designed to respond to low, moderate, and high wind speed locations by controlling the pitch of the blades with three independent hydraulic controls. Also, automated with blade/bearing lubrication systems considerable savings can be realized in the field by minimizing Planned Maintenance Schedules (PMS) required by the field tech personnel.

This is a monster turbine, with superior response in a wide range of wind speeds. Choosen for large Wind Farm projects the V90 is on the cutting edge of Wind Turbine technology.


ROTOR: Diameter: 90 meters Swept Area: 6,362 m2 Nominal Revolutions: 16.1 RPM Number of Blades: 3 Power Regulation: Pitch/OptiSpeed control Air Brake: Blades are fully controlled by three independent hydraulic control systems

TOWER: Hub Height: 80 meters, and 105 meters

OPERATIONAL DATA: Cut-In Wind Speed: 4 m/s Nominal Wind Speed: 15 m/s Cut-Out Wind Speed: 25 m/s

GENERATOR: Type: Asynchronous Rated Output: 3,000 Kw Operational Data: 50 Hz/1000V

GEARBOX: Two Planetary and one helical stage

CONTROL: Computer controlled microprocessor-based monitoring and control of all turbine functions.

WEIGHT: Nacelle: 70 tons Rotor: 41 tons Tower: 160 tons - 235 tons depending on tower height.

The Vestas V90 is the growing trend in larger and larger wind farm development. Vestas is the world leader in large wind turbines (LWT) and is an excellent choice for your large wind farm project.

Wind Generator Vestas V90 Large Wind Turbine rated at 3.0 Mw vev90lawitur