Click to enlargeUV Water Filtration
and Sterilization System
30 GPM

UV water treatment and sterilizer system rated at 30 GPM. Complete factory tested UV water treatment system.

This All-in-One POE Water Treatment System complete. Includes three stage filters. Sediment filters rated at 5 micron. Carbon filters at 0.5 micron. Kills 99.99% of all pathogens present. Simple to install system with Multiple Filtration Levels.

Advanced Electronic Fluid Conditioner and UV disinfection system rated at 30 GPM or 113 LPM.

This UV water filtration and sterilization system is complete with Carbon filters for odor, and Sediment filters for particulates. UV Water Sterilization systems from Wyckomar use filters to remove particulates that may be in your water source. Carbon filters then remove odor and micro-contaminate that leave a clear water stream to be acted on by the high-intensity UV lamps that kill 99.9% of all pathogens.

When you need a turnkey solution for clean water up to 30 Gallons per Minute then this Wyckomar UV water purification and disinfection system is a great choice.

UV Water Treatment System UV Water Sterilizer Complete UV 30 GPM WKYUV30Retail Price: $6,799.00Sale Price: $6,579.00