Skid Mounted All in One 
Water Treatment System
50 GPM UV sterilizer

Do you need Water Treatment solutions to ship out on a skid? Do you need up to 50 Gallons per Minute of potable sweet water?

Skid mounted UV water treatment system rated for 50 GPM. Emergency relief, and disaster relief efforts can use this skid mounted UV sterilizer.

UV water treatment works on compromised water sources filter out contaminants. UV lamps blast the dangerous pathogens present and you get odor free Clean water.

This UV water filtering and sterilization system uses filters to remove particulates from the water stream. Carbon filters then remove odor and micro particulates and other contaminants producing a clear stream of water to be then irradiated by high-intensity UV lamps killing 99.9% of present pathogens. Sediment filter rated 5 micron. Carbon filter rated at 0.5 micron.

The Wyckomar Skid Mounted Complete Water Treatment System includes all Carbon and Sediment filtering with UV water treatment and disinfection to rates of 50 GPM.

This turn key solution water water treatment is ideal for remote sites, light commercial or industrial sites for water treatment.

Excellent choice for light industrial water sterilization applications.

Water Treatment System UV Water Sterilizer UV 50 GPM WYCSKID50Retail Price: $12,000.00Sale Price: $9,995.00