Click to enlargeWhisper 100 Land
Wind Turbine 
Battery Charger for
24 VDC Battery Banks

Whisper Wind Generator Battery Charger for 24 VDC Battery Banks for your off-grid Wind Energy system.

Whisper Wind Turbine Model: 1-WH100L-10-24

Whisper wind turbines capture the power of the wind to provide energy for charging batteries in off-grid power systems. They can be used to create hybrid systems with PV to provide power for off-grid homes, telecommunication sites, water pumping, or other power needs.

Whisper wind turbines provide dependable energy anywhere there's a good wind resource. Whisper turbines have a patented side-furling design to protect the turbine and provide full output in high winds.

Whisper 100 Wind Generator

The Whisper 100 is designed to operate in a site with wind speed averages of 12 mph and greater. It delivers 900 watts peak power at 28 mph (12.5 m/s).

The Whisper 100 can provide 100+ kWh per month, 3.4 kWh per day, in a 12 mph average wind speed location.

The Whisper 100, with its 7 ft. (2.1 m) 3-blade rotor diameter with a 38.5 sq. ft. swept area, is rugged enough for extreme environments. The Marine version is sealed and powder-coated for use in coastal and nautical environments.

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