Click to enlargeWhisper 100 Marine Version
Wind Generator for
24 VDC Battery Bank Charging
Tough Resistant Construction

Whisper Wind Generator Battery Charger for 24 VDC Battery Banks for your off-grid Wind Energy system. This is the Marine Version suitable for stressful environmental conditions such as on a boat or in marine or costal areas.

Whisper Wind Turbine Model: 1-WH100M-10-24

Whisper wind turbines capture the power of the wind to provide energy for charging batteries in off-grid power systems. They can be used to create hybrid systems with PV to provide power for off-grid homes, telecommunication sites, water pumping, or other power needs.

Whisper wind turbines provide dependable energy anywhere there's a good wind resource. Whisper turbines have a patented side-furling design to protect the turbine and provide full output in high winds.

Whisper 100 Wind Generator

The Whisper 100 is designed to operate in a site with wind speed averages of 12 mph and greater. It delivers 900 watts peak power at 28 mph (12.5 m/s).

The Whisper 100 can provide 100+ kWh per month, 3.4 kWh per day, in a 12 mph average wind speed location.

The Whisper 100, with its 7 ft. (2.1 m) 3-blade rotor diameter with a 38.5 sq. ft. swept area, is rugged enough for extreme environments. The Marine version is sealed and powder-coated for use in coastal and nautical environments.

Very tough and durable wind turbine for 24 Volt Battery Charging.

Wind Generator Whisper 100 Marine Version Wind Generator for 24 VDC 016-01163Retail Price: $4,295.00Sale Price: $4,195.00