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Wind Generator for 48 VDC
Battery Charging - Turbine Only
WithOut Controller

Whisper Wind Generator Battery Charger for 24 VDC Battery Banks for your off-grid Wind Energy system. This is the Land Version suitable for non-marine and in-land areas. Turbine alone, without Controller

Whisper Wind Turbine Model: 1-WH500L-20-48

Whisper wind turbines capture the power of the wind to provide energy for charging batteries in off-grid power systems. They can be used to create hybrid systems with PV to provide power for off-grid homes, telecommunication sites, water pumping, or other power needs.

Whisper wind turbines provide dependable energy anywhere there's a good wind resource. Whisper turbines have a patented side-furling design to protect the turbine and provide full output in high winds.

The Whisper 500 is a 3000-watt rated turbine built for harsh, high-wind environments, and can deliver in excess of 500 kWh per month in a 12 mph wind speed location.

The Whisper 500 wind turbine has a 15-foot (4.6 m) diameter, 2 blade rotor providing 176 sq. ft. of swept area. The 500 is an excellent machine for village power projects, farms, ranches, and remote homes with large energy demands.

Not recommended for marine areas. Available in 24 VDC and 48 VDC versions or with 230 VAC nominal output for long distance power transmission (order the required step-down transformer separately, and specify battery system voltage of 24, 36, or 48 VDC).

The Whisper 500 comes in two boxes and is shipped truck freight.

Whisper models come standard with the Whisper Controller, containing rectifiers and capacitors to convert the turbine's 3-phase wild AC output to DC battery voltages.

They have adjustable charging voltage set points, and include a diversion load to ensure safe operation even when the batteries are fully charged. The controller for the 100 and 200 have a built-in stop switch, and the controller for the Whisper 500 comes with a separate stop switch. All Whisper turbine models are available without the controller by special order.

The Whisper Controller LCD Display (included standard with the Whisper 500, but optional for the 100 and 200) adds more features to the wind turbine system, allowing the user to adjust operational parameters and display battery voltage, total kilowatt hours and amp hours delivered, peak amps, and peak and average wind speeds. To measure wind speed, a wind speed sensor must be added. The digital display can be mounted on the Controller or up to 1,000' (300 m) away for remote monitoring, or in both places with two Displays.

Very tough and durable wind turbine for 24 Volt Battery Charging.

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