Click to enlargeHigh Voltage Whisper 500
(long distance transmission)
at 230 VAC

This Wind Generator Wind turbine comes with a 200 amp controller.

Whisper, a name with more than 10 years of experience in the field, has been re-engineered and launched under the Southwest WindPower family of wind turbines. The Whisper 500 has an all-new look featuring cast aluminum frame and smooth, quite operation of the patented "angle-governor" furling design.

Whisper 500 Wind Generator Model: 1-WH500-10-230

The new Whisper 500, a 3.2 kW rated turbine, can deliver in excess of 500 kWh per month at a site with a 12 mph average wind speed. The 500 boasts a 15 foot (4.26m) rotor diameter providing a total swept area of 175 sq. ft. for maximum performance and reliability.

Newly redesigned, the Whisper 500 wind generator incorporates a stronger, larger yaw shaft, new blade stabilizer straps and a third spindle bearing for increased reliability.

The largest wind turbine of the Whisper family wind generators delivers over 3200 watts for large power requirements.

With 10 years of operational history, the Whisper 500 has proven itself to be quiet and reliable all over the world. Over 800 Whisper 500s have been installed providing a dependable power supply for people around the world producing wind power for their remote sites and home power needs.

If you have a large energy demand, this is the machine for you and a great choice for small wind turbines. Depending on your site's average wind speed, the Whisper 500 can provide enough energy to operate your entire home. Combine with solar PV panels to complete your solar and wind power systems.

The Whisper 500 wind turbine features a hand laid fiberglass and foam core blade for smooth, high efficiency operation and low wind start-up. It also incorporated the patented "angle governor" design for quite high-wind operation.

The whisper 500 wind generator is an excellent choice for village power projects, farms, ranches, back-up power systems and remote homes applications both Grid Tie and stand alone. A 5 year extended warranty is available from South West WindPower for $500. Contact information is included in the packaging. Note: this warranty is required in California and New Jersey.


The Whisper 500 Rotor Diameter: 15' (4.5 meters)

Blades: Carbon reinforced fiberglass

Ship Weight: 155 lbs. (70 kg)

Mount: 5" Schedule 40 (12.7 cm)

Start up wind speed: 7 mph (3.1 m/s)

Rated Peak Power: 3200 watts @ 28 mph (12 m/s)

Alternator: PM 3 phase brushless

Warranty: Two year parts replacement

Whisper 500 High Voltage Wind Generator with Controller 016-01142Retail Price: $9,995.00Sale Price: $9,895.00

30' H/D Guyed Tower KitPoles and Anchors not included

16473Retail Price: $899.00Sale Price: $846.00
42' H/D Guyed Tower KitPoles and Anchors not included

16474Retail Price: $959.00Sale Price: $918.00
70' H/D Guyed Tower KitDoes not include Poles or Anchors

16457Retail Price: $1,359.00Sale Price: $1,248.00
Earth Anchors for all Whisper 500 TowersSet of 4 H/D galvanized earth anchors

16465Retail Price: $549.00Sale Price: $480.00