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3,000 watt 
wind generator system

The Whisper 500 is an improved version of the Whisper 100 line of Battery Charging Wind generators. Used for 48 VDC Battery bank charging the Whisper 500 wind generator is rated at 3,000 watts output at peak wind speed. Take advantage of national Net-Metering laws and produce your own electricity against your electric bill. Using the Whisper 500 wind generator as your own personal wind farm you can produce power and turn your meter backwards.

This complete Off grid Wind Generator 3 Kw Wind Power System includes:

One (1) Whisper 500 Battery Charging 3Kw wind turbine -48 VDC

One (1) 64 foot Tower Kit (pipe not included)

Eight (8) Sealed Deep Cycle Batteries 255 Ah each

One (1) Xantrex SW4048 Inverter

One (1) Lightning Arrestor Kit includes both AC/DC

One (1) Battery/Inverter Cable Kit

One (1) Lockable battery enclosure

One (1) 48" Auger Set

This complete Wind Power System is your Personal Wind Farm. Using all NEC approved interconnection this complete system allows you to generate your own clean electricity and put it back into the grid against your bill.

This Wind Power Net-Metering system includes a battery bank to give you power when the grid goes down in a black out. Built for larger systems this work horse battery charger is ideal for remote home power, water pumping and agricultural irrigation systems, and for large battery power supplies for remote sites. Large batteries are capable of delivering power on demand at your remote home power or water pumping system.

Whisper 500 Wind Generator Power System rated at 3 Kw with tower W175SYSRetail Price: $9,797.00Sale Price: $9,599.00

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