Click to enlarge80 watt Stand-Alone Solar Power Supply (DC)
MK Sealed batteries 12 VDC

Solar off grid PV power supply. Used for remote power supplies for radio telemetry and data acquisition this stand-alone solar power supply is designed as a kit.

High efficiency SolarTech Solar PV panel 80 watts 12 VDC produces strong voltages in low light conditions. Solar submersible and surface pumps require strong DC outputs. Ideal solar PV power supply for cameras, communication devices and other remote off grid loads.

Solar PV Top Pole 80 Watt PV system includes:

One (1) SolarTech 80 watt solar PV panel rated at 80 watts DC

One (1) Top of Pole mounting hardware (2" pipe)

One (1) Battery Enclosure (lockable)

One (1) Morning Star ProStar Charge-Controller

One (1) MK Sealed maintenance free battery rated at 12 VDC at 47 Amp-hours each.

Wiring not included. This is a kit which requires assembly but will deliver 480 watt-hours a day of solar energy with a 12 VDC output. Based on 6.5 sun peak hours/day.

Solar PV off grid power supply. Ideal for small water pumping systems. LED power supply using Solar PV. Garden water irrigation systems.

Solar PV Panel Module 80 Watt Off grid Solar DC Power System SOL94SDARetail Price: $2,795.00Sale Price: $2,695.00