Complete Wind and Solar power system
For Stand-Alone power rated at 193 Kwh/month*

Whisper 100 48 VDC off grid Solar PV power system. Combined Whisper 100 wind generator with 480 watts REC Solar PV. This Wind Generator and Solar PV system is configured as an off grid DC/AC system. Whisper 100 and Solar PV system includes a 900 watt Whisper 100 wind generator with 480 watts of Solar PV. Wind Solar system providing charging at almost all times of the day and night. Solar and wind charges deep cycle Batteries. Batteries energize your inverter and you have 2 Kw AC output.

Capable of grid-interconnection and stand-alone battery charging this kit includes the components to make your own home power with no fuel costs or pollution.

Whisper 100 wind generator Solar PV 480 watt system includes:

One (1) Whisper 100 wind generator rated at 900 watts (48 VDC)

One (1) Whisper 100 Tower Kit (44')

One (1) EZwire System with charge controller and load diversion

Two (2) REC Solar 240 Watt 24 VDC solar PV panels

One (1) Top Pole mounting rack for the PV Panels

One (1) Battery Enclosure (lockable)

Two (2) MK Sealed deep cycle batteries 97 Ah each. These are Deep-cycle industrial strength batteries.

One (1) XANTREX SW2048 with 3-phase charge controller

One (1) DC250 Safety Disconnect

Wiring not included. *This is a kit which requires assembly but will deliver an average of 193 Kilowatt-hours of energy per month based on a 6.5 sun peak hours per day and class four wind zone.

Solar and wind power systems are used in remote locations, and off grid homes. The solar and wind battery chargers compliment each other by providing charging when the other resource is low, when the sun is high, the wind is usually not, when the sun is low, the wind tends to pick up, this evens out the "charging profile" and provides more reliable energy for your larger loads.

The Large battery bank included provides deep cycle amp-hours to run your home power system. This is a DC power supply, if you want to run ac appliances then you can add an inverter, see inverters. Size your inverter backwards from your load. Calculate your total load in terms of Power draw (everything turned on), and the hours you'll run these loads each day (Energy draw).

Size your inverter for your solar and wind power system on the Power Draw of your gear.

Whisper 100 Wind Generator with 480 Watts Solar PV Panel Off Grid AC WH10PV360Retail Price: $9,950.00Sale Price: $9,850.00