Whisper 200 
Wind Power System
Rated at 1,000 watts

Off grid Wind generator power system. This complete wind power system for grid-tie and stand-alone applications. System contains all of the components you need.

The Whisper 200 Wind Generator is perfect for Net-metering uses where you put your produced electricity back into the grid against your electric bill. This wind power system uses wind and solar power converters to charge your sealed maintenance free batteries, connected to a 4Kw AC inverter this kit provides the major equipment for your own solar and wind power system. This stand alone system can provide working energy for your electrical AC loads.

This Whisper 200 Wind Power and Solar Power System includes:

One (1) Whisper 200 Wind Generator with EZwire system

One (1) 47' Tower Kit (pipe not included)

One (1) Xantrex SW4024 Power Panel

Two (2) Deep Cycle maintenance free sealed batteries (225 Ah each)

One (1) Lightning Arrestor Kit includes both AC/DC

One (1) Battery/Inverter Cable Kit

One (1) 48" Auger Set

This Wind Power Kit allows you to own your own mini wind farm. This wind turbine system is robust and meets all NEC standards. Produce your own electricity from your own solar and wind energy system.

Shipping Weight: 385 lbs.

Whisper 200 Wind Generator Wind Power System 1Kw WH80SYSRetail Price: $7,379.00Sale Price: $6,899.00

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