Click to enlargeWind Farms using Large Wind Turbines (LWT) 
for Independent Power Production (IPP)

The trend over the last several decades is to use larger and larger wind turbines for wind farm applications.

The world leader in large wind turbines (LWT) is Vestas out of Denmark. The most popular turbine models for Wind Farm applications are:

V82 Rated at 1.65 Megawatts

V80 Rated at 2.0 Megawatts

V90 Rated at 3.0 Megawatts

The V82 is optimized for relatively moderate and high wind speed locations. Over 2,700 V80 wind turbines have been installed by Vestas around the globe. The V82 can be used for onshore, and offshore locations, and has proven excellent grid tie characteristics.

The V82 commands great performance in the field, in part, due to the OptiTip protocols that allow the Vestas V80 controllers to change the pitch of the blades, along their longitudinal axis, to optimize the "attack" angle of the blades working surfaces. This minimizes wear and tear on the gearbox, and increases, or optimizes, output for a given wind zone.

The Vestas V82 Wind Turbine is rated at 1.65 Megawatts and is designed for low to moderate wind speed locations. The V82 utilizes a proprietary hydraulic technology that maximizes power from the prevailing wind, and minimizes loads and stresses on the gearbox. This hydraulic control system also uses "trim" to maintain a steady output of 1.65 Mw during variable wind conditions. This steady feedback control system takes the variable conditions of low and moderate wind sites, and provides optimum control. This feature is very valuable to the grid system you'll interconnect with actually providing a stabilizing effect on the grid. The stall regulation feature in the V82 has been designed for wind sites with an average wind speed of only 6.5 m/s at hub height.

Vestas V90 rated at 3.0 Megawatts at rated wind speed. The V90 is the new monster in large wind turbine technology. Rated at 3 Mw, the V90 has been developed to optimize the materials of the blades to withstand the enormous stresses, and variable loads of harvesting wind. The V90 swept area (blade swept area) is a full 27 percent larger than the Vestas V80, and weigh about the same, resulting in more power extraction and quicker response to the variable wind. The V90 has introduced several maintenance and operation advantages such automatic blade/bearing lubrication to an automated Yaw System, reducing the number of Planned Maintenance Schedule (PMS) activities.

Vestas has installed thousands of these turbines from tropical to artic locations. With proven performance in the field the Vestas Large Wind Turbines are ideal for large wind farm applications.

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