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65 Kw, 135,000 Kwh/yr @ 12.5 mph

Complete Large Wind Turbine Power System:

Start your own wind farm with a totally refurbished wind farm generator. Producing 65,000 watts of power this wind turbine comes with a inspection certificate and two (2) year warranty. Call technical support if you need a site survey or engineering study.

These wind turbines are decommissioned from existing wind farms and become available to the public. Each wind turbine must be inspected and is certified for condition. The Windmatic 65 Kw turbine is a workhorse for the wind farm application and produces reliable and consistent electrical output.

Turbine: Windmatic 65 kW, 3 Bladed upwind, 3 phase, 480 v, 60 Hz

Operational History: 3 years, California , USA Rotor Diameter: 34 Ft.

Annual production: 135,000 Kwh @ 12.5 mph avg.

Cut In Windspeed: 8 mph

Rated Windspeed: 28 mph

Cut Out Windspeed: 56 mph, Centrifugal spoilers w/ reset.

Max. Design Windspeed: 110 mph

Tower: 84 Ft. 4 Leg lattice w/External ladder

Status: Retrofitted, w/manuals Number of turbines: 2 Warranty: 2 years on drive train, 1 year on major components Price $US: 47,555.00 = $ 0.7316/ rated watt of capacity FOB: Los Angeles, Calif. USA

These are used turbines and are checked to assess status at the time they are decommissioned from their current site.

Windmatic 15S Wind Farm Generator - 65 Kw Wind Generator WM15SRetail Price: $69,797.00Sale Price: $47,555.00

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