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Wind Data Logger Model: APRS 6060

The Wind Data Logger is an affordable and easy-to-use tool for wind site evaluation and wind generator performance analysis. It records wind speed, time and date directly to a Secure Digital (SD) card to provide convenient data downloads. The logging interval is adjustable from 10 to 60,000 seconds (16.6 hours). The 2 gigabyte SD card (included) will store a year of data at 30 second intervals and many years of data at longer logging intervals. Common spreadsheet software (i.e. Microsoft Excel ) can be used to view, graph, and analyze your wind data. Easy to use web-based software is provided. Simply upload the data and the software will automatically plot the data as well as provide basic statistics.

A 16-character x 2 line backlit LCD screen displays current information and is used for configuring the data logger. A simple menu-driven interface using the LCD and three front panel buttons makes setup easy. A bright backlight makes the data logger easy to use at night. The DataLogger is housed in a waterproof enclosure.

The solar powered models work well for wind data logging in remote areas without access to AC power. The included 10-watt solar panel and sealed battery will run the data logger almost indefinitely. They come with a 10-watt PV module, a side-of-pole mount for the module, a charge controller, and a 7 amp-hour battery.

The AC model comes with a Universal AC power supply that accepts 90-264 VAC, 125-370 VDC, 47-63 Hz instead of a solar module and battery; however, it does have a space for a 8ea D Cell Alkaline Batteries for 30 day power backup (batteries not included).

The Wind Data Logger APRS 6060 is designed to provide an affordable and easy-to-use solution for wind site evaluation, and wind generator performance.

The Data Logger APRS 6060 records wind speed, as well as time and date directly to a secure digital card (SDTM) providing easy to use data downloads.

An inexpensive 128 Megabyte SDTM card will store weeks of data at 30 second intervals.

Microsoft Excel or most other spreadsheet programs can open the files to view, graph and analyse your data.

There is web based software that helps analyse your collected data, just upload your data and the software will plot and report basic statistics.

Side of Pole mounting hardware sold separately. The system includes a 10 watt solar PV module with a 7 ah battery with weatherproof enclosure.

Wind Power Data Logger System APRS 6060 016-00270Retail Price: $1,199.00Sale Price: $999.00

Side of Pole Mount for APRS 6060 Data Logger System 014-06011Retail Price: $99.00Sale Price: $89.00