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Action Items Continued;

This action item list continues from the previous page. Print out and use as a master check list for planning your project with wind generators. Fill in each applicable space with data and information about that particular site characteristics. Wind Generators and Wind Turbine facilities require a sharp pencil to work out the many specifics.


___________ Safety Disconnect

___________ Grounding

___________ Trenching/Conduit from Wind Generator to Box (Feet)

___________ Is Step-Up Transformer Required (ask utility)

___________ Junction Box Description

___________ Bi-directional Meter

HARDWARE (Wind Energy Conversion System WECS)

___________ Power Rating

___________ Energy Production per Month for your site

___________ Tower Type (Guy, Truss, Monopole)

___________ Tower Height

___________ Foundation Drawings

___________ Foundation Bolt Pattern Drawing

___________ Augurs

___________ Interconnection Wire

___________ Base Junction Box

___________ Purchase Price

___________ Shipping Cost

___________ Off-Loading Charges


___________ Site-Preparation

___________ Soil Type Comments

___________ Tower Assembly onsite

___________ Gin Pole/Boom Truck Mobilization

___________ Tower Lift

___________ Electrical Contractor

___________ Inspection (Sometimes required for rebates)


___________ Net-Metering, or Interconnection Agreement with Utility

___________ Land Use Permit

___________ Easement agreements with any involved third party

___________ Insurance coverage

___________ Environmental Impacts Survey* (*If required)

___________ Air Impact Study*

___________ Water Impact Study*

___________ Soil Impact Study*

___________ Anthropological Impact Study*

___________ Interconnection Strategy*

___________ Tower Height Allowance Permit

___________ Set-Back distance from property line

___________ Noise (db)

___________ Safety Concerns

Print out this master action item list to plan your wind turbine project. From sail boats to wind farms there are fundamental aspects that all wind generator projects share.

Wind Power Economics - Action Items Continued wipoecacitco