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Action Item List

Planning a Wind Project will require defining your project in terms of Site Assessment, Wind Resource Assessment, specific Wind Generator Hardware Costs, Electricity Production, Installation, Permitting, Operation and Maintenance, Monitoring (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System SCADA), and Economic Performance.

Below, a list of specific issues under each category is assembled, to which you’ll assign a Time and Money value. Fill in all applicable spaces, and use as a Master List.

Start with your Load this describes in electrical terms the objective of the wind project. Fill in all spaces that are applicable to your Wind Project.


__________ Power Required (Kw)

__________ Energy Required (KWH)

__________ Single Phase Voltage 120 VAC/60Hz

__________ Three Phase Voltage 408 VAC/60Hz

__________ Interconnection through (J.Box/Meter)

__________ *If Battery System list Battery Bank Voltage


___________ Site Location Altitude

___________ Reported Average Wind Speed

___________ Measured Average Wind Speed

___________ Special physical characteristics of site

___________ Annual Energy Production ( KWH/year)

Print this list and use as a Master Action Item list to assist in planning a wind project. Wind power systems from sail boats to wind farms use similar methodology to determine physical system performance (exported KWHs per month), and Capital Cost, both inital and ongoing.

The more completely you define these time, material, labor, and captial vectors, the more accurately you can estimate your wind power system's performance.

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