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Action Items Master List

The following action item list continues from previous pages to outline the factors relating to your Wind Power project. Wind turbines require careful assessment to insure the most successful wind farm or small wind turbine installation.

MONITORING ___________ Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition System (SCADA)

___________ Wireless Connector/Transmitter

___________ Web enabled Data Acquisition System (DAS)

___________ PC Software from Service Provider installed on PC


___________ State Rebate Program Contribution

___________ Federal Rebate Program Contribution

___________ Federal Production Tax Credit (PTC) at 2 Cents/KWH

___________ Special Energy Trust organization Incentives

___________ City or County Incentives

___________ USDA grants

___________ State Energy Tax Credits

___________ Federal Energy Tax Credits


___________ Total Installed Cost

___________ Annual Energy Production

___________ Annual Operations and Maintenance Costs

___________ Fixed Charge Rate (Interest Rate)

___________ Cost of Energy Calculation (See equation above)

___________ Simple Payback Calculation (See equation above)

Use this list to fill in the vital information about your Wind Project.

Answering these questions will give you the essential information required to assess the true value and profitability of your Wind Project.

The following chapters are going to examine in more detail techniques and issues for determining your Wind Resource, proper Hardware choice, Installation issues, Electrical production and Economic Performance.

This list above is a starting point. It describes the categories that you must consider in your wind project and quantify in terms of action items, sources, and capital required. At the end of this book in Resources you can find sources for all of the information and hardware required for you to put your system together.

Seek out qualified contractors that have some experience with wind systems. Often Wind Manufacturing companies have good recommendations for local contractors. The more you focus on lowering front-end costs, and maximizing energy production the more opportunity exists for a profitable wind energy facility. Your local Utility is a vast resource for working through any issues that may arise. Wind Energy development is growing in the US market over 47% according to the American Wind Industry.

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